Job Details

  • Job ID: 23161
  • May 26, 2016
  • Fort McMurray (Kearl Lake), AB
  • Seasonal


Oil & Gas :
Building Construction : Concrete and Masonry, General-Other: Construction-Skilled Trades
Installation-Maintenance-Repair : Facilities Management-Maintenance
Manufacturing-Production : General-Other: Production-Operations, Operations-Plant Management, Production-Operations Planning

Job Description

Job Overview

The Quality Inspector both reports to and takes direction from the QA/QC Supervisor. The primary responsibility of the Quality Inspector is to inspect construction of buildings and related systems to ensure compliance with applicable building codes, contract documents and specifications. 


Performance Objectives

  • Provides mentorship to junior team members
  • Participates in professional development and mentorship opportunities
  • Optimizes processes to achieve results with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Works collaboratively with others to meet company objectives
  • Builds formal and informal relationships inside and outside the organization

Job Requirements

echnical Objectives

  • Observes work in progress to assure conformance with requirements and acceptable workmanship
  • Carry out material inspection prior to release for installation
  • Witness Hydro Static Testing and Bolt ups
  • Ensure work is carried out in accordance with client specifications, applicable industry codes and the approved Inspection and Test Plan
  • Monitor Closure Welds to ensure it is done in accordance with client specification
  • Complete visual inspection of completed welds
  • NDE Coordination with NDE subcontractor
  • Review drawings/material data sheets/ material test reports
  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, and streamline work processes


  • CWB Level II Inspection Ticket
  • Knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration and certified by the International Code Council (ICC/ICBO).



The QA/QC Inspector will demonstrate some or all of the following DNA characteristics:

    1. Initiative: a solutions provider, someone whom is motivated, resourceful, creative and displays ingenuity.
    2. Problem Solver: someone that is willing solve problems themselves and will make decisions within their scope, and trust their own judgment staying within the core values of our organization.
    3. Innovative: someone who is original and creative in thinking, displays ingenuity, is visionary and provides additional value to the client and the company.
    4. Positive Attitude: someone who is friendly, enthusiastic, forward thinking, motivated and engaged.
    5. Flexibility: being able to adapt to change and increase effectiveness and efficiency in and out of work.
    6. Communication: someone who is a proficient listener and can communicate what they are thinking, presents clear expectations and conducts themselves professionally to co-workers and clients
    7. Trust: someone that extends trust and in return is trusted by key stakeholders.
    8. Accountabilitysomeone that accepts responsibility for their own decisions and meets expectations.

Project Details

    • 10/10 schedule
    • Camp and flight allowances are provided